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Custom Teddy Bears

Nov 7

How to Make Custom Teddy Bears from a Picture

Today, most people wish to keep their memories in their minds, especially for things that are meaningful or important to them, such as the spirit of a company, their first child's paint, or their favorite star. The custom plush toys are a great choice. We may be interested in how custom plush toys are made. What is the secret to their uniqueness? Follow my steps to discover the secrets of its production. These are the main steps in the production of custom teddy bears

1. Design samples Professional designers create the drawings based on the drawing or the image of the design. The designers will also create the pattern and determine the type. In the meantime, the exact price and size of plush toys can be determined. There are many options available for custom plush toys, including different types of cottons and fabrics. The plush toys can also have small customizations. To ensure better quality, the materials are non-toxic.

2. Accuracy in cutting We will do our best to ensure that the quality of the cut is perfect. To avoid hair loss, professional cutters will perform the cutting process.

3. For many years, embroidery and sewing staffs have been making custom plush toys. The embroidery products are beautiful and vivid.

4.Cotton filling Each custom plush is made from high-quality PP cotton using the most advanced cotton filling machines. This is both non-toxic, and also environmentally friendly. Our products are made from the highest quality PP cotton.

5. Splicer sewing This is the most advanced type of computer-sewn machine. It can be used to sew the body and to strengthen the patchwork quality in order to prevent holes. Each stitch on a plush doll is perfectly finished, so you don't have to worry about cracks.

6. Shape hackling Tonging each plush toy individually and removing any sundries manually. To make sure the toys are clean and tidy, use a high-pressure air pump.

7. Needle detection To avoid accidental injuries, every plush toy must have a needle detector.

8. Shipping and packaging are determined by the customer's requirements. This is how plush toys are customized. Each plush toy is unique. The existence value of a plush toy will always be with them, no matter how happy or sad they are. Click the link below to share your story and get your custom teddy bears